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A Hufflepuff

Megan Jones
30 April
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Megan Jones, a Hufflepuff in Harry's year.

Megan is a halfblood witch from Rennes, who moved to Ottery St. Catchpole at a young age. Many other students remember her as the little witch who blasted her nose off when she tried to hex off her freckles. She's still mortified by the memory of that incident, and is still sort of clumsy with magic.

Megan is most comfortable with plants, flowers specifically, but any sort of vegetation. Megan has always thought that being born near Paimpont might have factored into her Green Thumb.

Average with magic, she finds fun in researching hexes and charms coinside with that interest. Naturally all the magic she uses can be used by other witches and wizards. She also obviously finds herself spending a lot of time with the plantings in her room and in the Greenhouses, and some time in the Forbidden Forest.

Her role-models are most of her teachers, her mother, and an ancient Nigerian witch called Aja, who was so proficient in preserving the trees and forests, the Muggles there considered her a goddess.

Violence and strife is not her friend. Megan can clearly be known as a coward, and it's something she hates terribly, and is looking to change. She was Sorted into Hufflepuff because she needed to learn the value of loyalty, hard-work and friendship. It's her Seventh Year here at Hogwarts, and she still has a long way to go.

Character for the cw_kellystreet RP. So don't sue. -_-